donderdag 28 januari 2016

Grumpy fly

Grumpy fly

A fly was humming
When yet an unexpected
human hand was coming
Scum it is he buzzed
Vermin I’d rather say

People aren’t they simple
That ignorant stupid insect
It doesn’t even know how to fly

Upside down on the ceiling
It can’t walk or sleep the silly twit
and mating not a bit of it

They make difficulties about
Everything and are glazing
for hours at imaginary towers

You expect them to be dead
Do not bargain for that
You are in for a nasty surprise

Suddenly they are back on two
Of their four feet alive and
Kicking after all harmless
Flies in their balls

So bluebottles stay safe and sound
Believe it or not with people
you don’t fool around


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